Author: Pam Andrews

Hemp Plastic Products

Could Hemp be the answer to the Plastic Crisis? Let’s face it, we know that Mother Earth is being choked by our throw away habits. We see the pictures of turtles choking. We raise our fists in the air and shout Yeah when the kids go on strike and shout Enough!!! Our first ever Climate Read More

Medicinal Uses of the Cannabis Root (and why it is superior to Voltaren)

The anti-inflammatory properties of the Cannabis Root is piquing the interest of scientists and it activates our CB2 Receptors. Read More

Can Paper Be Made From Hemp

The public demand for pristine white paper is currently a major factor toward destroying our waterways as the bleach from the paper mills is returned to our waters.
Paper grown from hemp does not require bleaching and is less harmful to the environment. Read More

How is CBD made

Who would have thought the day would come where you could buy Cannabis Oil on prescription? How is it made and how do you know what you are getting is legit. Extracting the goods To understand how CBD is made, lets look at the anatomy of the plant. The female plant, starts to flower at Read More

Hemp – So much to offer

Once the dark horse of the underworld, Cannabis over the past few years has galloped onto the main stage. Whilst there are still some world leaders wringing their hands as to whether legalising cannabis will lead to a maelstrom of anarchy, many have given the nod for the go ahead for cannabis to be used Read More

About Us

Welcome to All Things Hemp. I hope to become your favourite supplier of quality Australian and New Zealand made Hemp products, and you find my site super informative and useful. Hemp is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Medicinally, the use of Hemp is taking giant steps towards providing relief for the symptoms of common Read More